Buttermilk Crumpets recipe

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Buttermilk Crumpets recipe
Enjoy a breakfast worthy of a queen with this Buttermilk Crumpets recipe


250 ml cake flour
5 ml baking powder
2 ml salt
30 ml castor sugar
30 ml melted butter
1 jumbo egg
180 ml buttermilk
a little oil for the pan
250 ml blueberries


Sift together the flour and baking powder and stir in the salt and sugar. Whisk the butter and egg into the buttermilk and add to the dry ingredients while stirring with a wooden spoon. Don't over mix the batter. Let it stand for 30 minutes. If it thickens too much in this time, lightly whisk in a little milk or water - it should be like thick pancake batter.

Heat a heavy-bottomed pan, brush with a little oil and drop spoonsful of the batter onto the hot surface. Drop a small handful of blueberries on top of each crumpet as soon as some bubbles appear. Now flip the pancakes with a spatula and cook the other side briefly, until golden.

Keep the cooked crumpets warm in a low oven while continuing to use up all the batter. Serve warm alongside a tray of fresh blueberries, butter, mascarpone, honey or maple syrup


Makes 8

Recipe and video provided courtesy of I Love Cooking.

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